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What We Love About Our Best-Selling Sups

There is something for everyone when it comes to stand-up paddleboard (SUP). The most critical aspect of sup is stability and getting a board that provides physical stability should be your top priority. For you to get the best paddleboard, … Continue reading

Designing a Funky SUP

Designing Unique SUP Boards One of the best things about manufacturing your own paddleboards is coming up with new designs and there is a story behind every board. With the name Funky SUP’s each paddleboard needs to be unique. When … Continue reading

How To Choose A Stand Up Paddle Board

They say that if you can paddle a kayak or a canoe, then you can can paddle a stand-up paddle board (SUP). You probably already have experience with an SUP if you’re now interested in purchasing one. There are many … Continue reading

​​Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) basics

​Stand-up paddle boards (SUP) offer an enjoyable, relaxing way of playing on the water. You can paddle ocean surfs or calm lakes and rivers with very little gear. Because it gives a full-body workout, paddle boarding has become a popular … Continue reading