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How To Choose A Stand Up Paddle Board

They say that if you can paddle a kayak or a canoe, then you can can paddle a stand-up paddle board (SUP). You probably already have experience with an SUP if you’re now interested in purchasing one. There are many aspects to picking the right board for your activity and circumstance. If you have access, before you get started rent a few different boards, or find a demo in your area, this will help you find exactly what board is right for you.

​​Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) basics

​Stand-up paddle boards (SUP) offer an enjoyable, relaxing way of playing on the water. You can paddle ocean surfs or calm lakes and rivers with very little gear. Because it gives a full-body workout, paddle boarding has become a popular form of cross-training. You stand at full height, so you can enjoy a spectacular view of things, from the horizon to sea animals. You only need basic SUP gear and techniques to get started.