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Designing a Funky SUP

Designing Unique SUP Boards

One of the best things about manufacturing your own paddleboards is coming up with new designs and there is a story behind every board.

With the name Funky SUP’s each paddleboard needs to be unique. When it was time to revamp our line-up and add a new design, we wanted to have something totally unique in our newest concept.

We involved the kids this time, well at the initial point anyway. We wanted the concept to include a sea animal. So we said to the kids what creature would they like on our newest SUP.  Hands down it was a shark. “No way” I said, that will freak way too many people out. Imagine a 3D Shark on your SUP! So we tossed up many sea creatures and decided on a turtle design.

This board is all about calmness and the ocean. Designing the perfect turtle took a lot of convincing and many hours of design from the team

Sketching the right angle of the turtle to appear three dimensional and coming towards you was important in the design. 

Getting the concept and ideas together was the hardest part and once we got rolling it turned out impressive.

We really loved the whole design of this board including the shell like deck grip in-incorporated into the whole design idea. Getting the colours right was vital and you will see how this was achieved with the final SUP Board design.

This is the finished product! Meet Shelby.

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