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How to select a paddle

There are various SUP Paddles on the market, but we will outline some basic info here to get you started.

A good paddle is one that is light enough to handle whilst paddling to minimize fatigue but also durable to handle various conditions. Keeping in mind paddle prices range from around $100 to hundreds of $$$ and the problem for beginners is that if you don’t know the differences you might start of on the wrong foot. The best part is that we are all after different things and we all have different budgets as well.

There are aluminium paddles which are the most basic of paddle, heavier than the alternatives but one this is suitable for beginners and most of the time adjustable so great for families. A full carbon paddle would be the choice if you are after a lightweight, durable and long lasting paddle that suits all sorts of paddling from flat water to racing.

The Paddle Length is something that is important for the activity you will be undertaking. We have a guide below to help with selecting the right length for you, keeping in mind that a longer paddle length adds control and also power and a shorter paddle is great for the flat water and when you are new to the sport. This is where the option of an adjustable paddle is becoming popular as you can adjust the length as you progress in the sport.

Choosing a paddle