Stand Up Paddle Boards For Sale

Looking for a cool looking Paddle Board?

Funky Sups “All Rounder Range” are awesome with a unique look and designed as a recreational board for all water conditions. This SUP model is the most popular for very good reason, if you are new to the sport this style will offer high stability and if you are a veteran of the sport you will enjoy the ability to cross over to surf those rolling 3-4 foot waves. Our design is very easy to paddle and will glide effortlessly though flat water which is perfect for the lake or river. As you progress on the board you will enjoy the flexibility to use it in surf conditions with ease.
We love colour and we love different! So check out all of these very quirky All Rounder SUP designs, available in 3 sizes of 10ft, 10’6 and 11’2.

SUP Size Guide:

  • 10‘ SUP – This is our baby of the all rounder range and suits those smaller paddlers or those looking at using it more in surf conditions. This size is much easier to manoeuvre onto and turn whilst on the wave.
  • 10’ 6” SUP- This is such a versatile size with a wide body and round tail this model allows ample stability. Always a popular size due to its level of performance both on flat water and small waves.
  • 11’ 2” SUP – The ideal size for families as the extra volume allows for the kids to jump on the board with you and is equally as popular amongst larger paddlers. This board has loads of floatation and is the easy choice if you are looking at doing more flat padding as it will be the fastest board due to its extra length.

All Rounder Paddle Board Range