Kids Paddle Boards

Kids Stand Up Paddle Boards by Funky SUPs

How Funky are these Kids paddle boards which are the perfect shape to get the groms paddling both on flat water and in those small waves. That is of course if they can keep Mum and Dad off them as these are universal and a great surfboard for adults.
The shape of this 7’10 Board Range allows for loads of stability to encourage the kiddies to learn all techniques of paddle boarding. The round nose and tail offer the versatility to use both for flat paddling and for catching those rolling waves, which I believe are important when learning and are the core elements of an all rounder board.
No need for the kids to lug a big board to the beach, they can handle their very own Funky SUP Board with ease. The best part is that they are full epoxy so are a real performance board and will progress with the kids over the years!