Soft Top SUP's

Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Boards by Funky SUP’s

We have two types of Soft Top Paddleboards. Full Soft Top Foam Boards and Soft Top Epoxy SUP Boards.
The Funky SUP Soft Top is the entry level paddleboard designed to ride like an All Rounder Epoxy Board but for those after a lightweight, durable board that the family or beginner can muck around on safely and at a cost effective price. This style is manufactured using an EPS Core Foam with a XPE Top and Sleek Bottom, which are exactly how a soft board surfboard are made but a bigger version. These suit definitely only the beginner market and are not a performance board.
If you are after more of a performance board, but something that will offer you protection whilst learning and something that will also progress with you, than you cannot look past the Epoxy Soft Top Board. Such a user-friendly design, this Soft SUP board is also very tough and is built using a full EVA deck and in essence is a full epoxy board. A very popular model for families who want a full performance board that can be used safely with the kids as well.