Wave & Race

Wave and Race Stand Up Paddle Boards

A surf series stand up paddleboard is for those more experienced paddlers, it offers the combination of power through the water and strength to take on any size wave. These are lower in volume than a classic all rounder shape and much shorter in length so they accelerate through the water and are so manoeuvrable they will turn at such a tight radius. A wave paddleboard is much harder than a classic all rounder board to handle in rough conditions so are better for those with experience who are able to maintain stability in these conditions. These surf series or wave boards are great for both small and large waves and are available in 2 sizes, choosing the right size usually comes down to your size and the volume of each board size.
Our Touring Boards also known as Race Paddle Boards are built with speed in mind, the core element of our carbon board is that it is also built with plenty of stability. Great for training, racing and also just paddling!
Whether you are after a wave board to surf those big waves or want to paddle long distance for fitness, come into our showroom and check out these brilliant Funky SUP models.