Kids Epoxy SUP 7’10 Package “Meet Junior Tiki”

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Are you after a Kids Stand up Paddle board that will offer ample stability and loads of performance? Meet Junior Tiki our Full Epoxy Grom Performance Board.

We all love the idea of the kids getting outdoors and enjoying the freedom of fresh air and sunshine. Why not get them out paddling with you on their very own SUP. This board is a high performance board so if you are thinking of getting them a board to paddle along with you, than you will need something with some performance to keep up with you paddling. This is ideal to get them excited about learning all the techniques of paddle boarding as this has loads of stability and is easy to turn due to its length.

Come into our showroom and meet Junior Tiki, you will be surprised at just how lightweight and durable this board is.


  • Tiki Stand up Paddle Board 7’10
  • Adjustable Aluminium Paddle Kids size
  • Legrope
  • Single Fin System – Includes 8″ Centre Fin
  • 1 x High Density Diamond Deck Grip

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  • We are a stand up paddle board specialist. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing boards using the latest technology and ensuring each paddle board we produce is of the highest quality. We have been producing Stand up Paddle boards under our company Simply Evolved since 2008 and are a SUP specialist. Funky SUP is the newest of our brands that will be launched in the Spring of 2015.
  • Our structure focuses on delivering a wholesale price direct to the public. So we do not wholesale our range, but instead focus on delivering all our products through our warehouse on the Central Coast of NSW. This in essence means we are the retail store and the distributor which can offer our customers great prices direct without having a middleman.
  • Our focus is to deliver a fun colorful board range to the Australian SUP Community that is not only affordable, but a quality high performance range.


  • Designed to be slimmer and lighter than an adults size all-rounder SUP and shorter, so a grom can handle these easily both on and off the water.
  • The Funky SUP kids range is manufactured using the highest quality materials and construction, exactly the same as an adult Funky SUP Board. So eye catching to look at and even better to ride. These are a high performance board with a high polish professional finish they are simply awesome!
  • These hand finished paddle boards are manufactured using the Gore USA two way air vent breather valve which is essential to prevent delamination. It is a very important design element on a paddle board and one you should consider carefully for the longevity of a board.
  • Like with any product there are cheap products that just will not last, it is essential to have knowledge on the elements that make up the core (centre) of your board. This is the component that you cannot see but is so vital as it is the backbone of the paddle board. Our Funky SUP range is manufactured using a lightweight 24kgs/sqm EPS high density core.
  • All boards are constructed using a 3 layer system of 6 once Epoxy Resin which makes them super durable and a hand polished high gloss finish.
  • For added internal strength each board has a full length balsa wood stringer
  • The stability of this all-rounder model is enhanced by the flat mid-section, round tail and wide body design. The round nose with soft edges and the classic lines makes this board perfect for turning onto those waves.
  • All our boards are bamboo vacuum bagged wood sandwich construction
  • Leg rope plug included
  • Always consider how you are going to carry the board, all our designs have the built in carry grab handle.
  • Single Fin system with 8″ Centre Fin




Model Length Width Thickness Volume Fins Capacity
All Rounder 7’10″ 7’10” 29” 4’ 1/5 ” 110 Ltr 1 Box Up to 60kg

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