Soft Top Beginner 10’6″ “Flower Family” Stand Up Paddleboard


Are you after a stand up paddleboard for the family to enjoy which is low impact, lightweight and easy to use?

This is ideal as a beginner SUP and if you like Pink you will like this Flower Deck Grip!!! With any family or beginner board the most important elements are having loads of stability. This is achieved with the slight contour in the rails so it glides through the water and a HUGE feature of this is the black soft bumper rail which not only reinforces the rail but also offers a rider added protection should you fall onto the paddleboard.

Purpose built for the family or beginner paddler, an ideal starter board as they are super durable and low impact so everyone can have a go. If compared to an epoxy board you will not have to worry about the glass being chipped or scratched and if you land hardly these Soft Top SUPS offer a soft landing when you lose balance and hit the deck!. Manufactured from a very think IXPE EVA deck and a hard plastic bottom which offers a smooth rider through the water.

This is an affordable option for those looking at starting out and includes the board, adjustable aluminium paddle, leg-rope, carry handle fin and deck grip.

    • +50 $



  • 1 x Soft Top 10’6″ Stand up Paddle board
  • 1 x Adjustable Aluminium Paddle
  • 1 x Legrope
  • 1 x 8 Inch Centre Fin System
  • 1 x High Density Deck Grip


  • We are a stand up paddle board specialist. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing boards using the latest technology and ensuring each paddle board we produce is of the highest quality. We have been producing Stand up Paddle boards under our company Simply Evolved since 2008 and are a SUP specialist. Funky SUP is the newest of our brands that will be launched in the Spring of 2015.
  • Our structure focuses on delivering a wholesale price direct to the public. So we do not wholesale our range, but instead focus on delivering all our products through our warehouse on the Central Coast of NSW. This in essence means we are the retail store and the distributor which can offer our customers great prices direct without having a middleman.
  • Our focus is to deliver a fun colourful board range to the Australian SUP Community that is not only affordable, but a quality high performance range.


  • The perfect paddle board to develop skills as it is a low impact board with a Soft Face to protect you when you fall!
  • The core is so important on any stand up paddleboard and a soft top board is no different. This is manufactured using a high density 100% waterproof EPS moulded foam
  • Two High strength Laminated Wooden Stringers are vital to the strength of this board
  • The soft IXPE face of the Board is perfect for learning on as offers a low impact zone whilst paddlers are developing skills
  • The bottom of the board is a White slick HDPE (HD slick Polyethylene)
  • Included with a 8 Inch Single Fin which helps with tracking on the water
  • Centre Carry Handle which makes it easy for anyone to be able to carry
  • Single Leg rope plug



Model Length Width Thickness Volume Fins Capacity
Soft SUP 10’6″ 10’6″” 32″ 4′ 1/2″ 200Ltr 1 Box 8″ Up to 120kg



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