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Looking for one-of-a-kind paddle boards? Look no further than Funky SUPs! Discover our amazing deals available today – whether you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, or in person at our Ulladulla or Brisbane locations. Experience the funkiest, most unique boards on the market with Funky SUPs.

SUP Care Instructions

Stand up Paddleboard


The regulation of the internal air pressure on a Stand up Paddleboard is very important as it allows the core of the board to breathe. If you don’t have a vent then your board is sure to have problems either in de-laminating or internal damage from water on the core. All Funky SUP’S have a One Way Valve Plug. This plug is used to keep the core (inside of the board) in a water and air tight environment. This vent is automatic so you don’t need to remove the plug. You can occasionally check to see if it is finger tight to ensure that the vent has not come loose. It is important you do not remove this plug or loosen this too much as this may damage your board.


It is very important to respect your board, the sun can be the most damaging element. So protecting your board can ensure you will get a lifetime of paddling from your board. Using your board all day in the sun is fine, but then leaving it on the beach for a few hours afterwards in the heat is a problem. It is best to keep your board in the shade when not in use. Why is the Sun so damaging? The internal component of your Funky SUP board is foam which is made up of gas and air. When the gas is heated by the sun the nature of this is that it expands causing a pressure build up in the core of the board. In short terms if there is a large build up of pressure then this can expand the core and cause the outer layer being the fibreglass shell to break from the core. This is what is known as delamination and is evident in boards that have air bubbles.


A ding is a crack or depression in your board. There are a few types of dings that can occur while you are using your SUP. Some will not harm your board and are more cosmetic and others can cause serious harm to your board. Minor dings or scratches you can often repair yourself but big gauges in your board may require a professional to repair. A depression in your board can be caused by regular use and often is not that harmful to your board. It is important just to try and handle your board with care and try and avoid running into hard surfaces at speed.


All Funky SUP Boards come with 8’ Centre Fins or as listed in each product. To install your Centre fins follow these steps:
  • Remove the screw and aluminium plate from the fin
  • Slide the aluminium plate into the recessed track in the fin box
  • Put the aluminium plate as far forward so that it ensures the process is easier later
  • Put the fin into the fin box. Slide the brass pin to the bottom of the opening and side the fin backwards to the desired position
  • The final step is to push the front of the fin into the fin box. With the provided philips head screw attach the fin to the aluminium plate.
To install your Side Fins: 1. The side fins are placed in to the fin slot and the provided allen key will tighten the grub screw against the fin. The most important element of this process is to ensure you do not over tighten the grub screw.


In summary you can protect your board by following simple guidelines:
  • Do not remove the One Way Valve which automatically vents the gas and hot air building up inside your board
  • Keep your board out of direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Storage of your board plays an important part in protecting your board. Always store a board in a cool, dry area. Storage in a Funky SUP board bag is great but avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • Repair any dings that have cracked the surface of the board
  • If you do hit something hard check your board immediately as you do not want water getting into the foam core