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Welcome To Funky Sups

Looking for one-of-a-kind paddle boards? Look no further than Funky SUPs! Discover our amazing deals available today – whether you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, or in person at our Ulladulla or Brisbane locations. Experience the funkiest, most unique boards on the market with Funky SUPs.

Sup Size Guide

Looking for a cool looking Paddle Board?

Funky Sups “All Rounder Range” are awesome with a unique look and designed as a recreational board for all water conditions.  We love colour and we love different. So check out all of these very quirky All Rounder SUP designs, available in 3 sizes of 10ft, 10’6 and 11’4.

SUP Size Guide:

  • We have a great range of paddleboards for sale and offer a variety of bamboo sup boards as part of our CMP range. What is the right SUP size for you?

    10′ Paddle board (Great SUP size for experienced riders looking to use in surf conditions, also good for lighter weight paddlers as it is easy to manoeuvre)

    Our 10′ Elite Cruiser is the smallest in our range of all rounder SUP. Perfect for those looking for a shorter all rounder board that performs well in surf conditions.

    Very easy to manoeuvre onto a wave and with the classic line design offering soft edges making it easy to paddle.  Our elite cruiser range is popular for experienced surfers looking at surfing that rolling wave break.

    10’6 Paddle Board (The Best SUP size for those looking at flat paddling and riding small waves as this offers versatility)

    Our most popular model is the 10’6″ Elite Cruiser as it is the most versatile size.  Perfect in surf conditions as it is faster to get out to the break. It easily manoeuvres onto the waves with the help of the full nose. This is easy to ride with its wide body design and round tail.  With a flat mid-section design it glides through flat water.  The classic lines of this shape with soft edges are perfect for turning. With the length and balanced rocker allowing you to easily manoeuvre.

    A design that any paddler from beginner to advanced can use to enhance their paddling technique. It is suited to any paddler up to 95kgs, with a volume of 180 litres.

    11’4 Paddle Board (A perfect family SUP and also the size if you will be doing mostly flat paddling)

    This size SUP is loaded with floatation and is the most stable of all the size boards. Ideal for those thinking of doing more flat paddling with the added length of this board increases the speed through the water. A comparison can be made to the 10′ which is shorter in length which enables faster turning.   All our Cruiser range have all the design elements of a performance board so will perform well in surf conditions much like a longboard. With classic lines and a balanced rocker enhancing its glide.  A Volume 0f 210 litres this suits any paddler up to 120kgs. A favourite amongst families as it is super stable and still has the ability to perform well in all conditions.