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The Toughest Stand up Paddle Board in Australia

Are you in the market for a stand up paddle board that can handle heavy handling and lots of abuse from the kids. Then you are looking in the right place at this SUP Board built to last.

What is so Incredible about “The Hulk” Stand up Paddle Board? 

The Hulk was born from the idea of a board built with strength and durability that offered the core elements of an all rounder board being stability and ease of use. This board is built to sustain heavy handling and loads of use. Originally a design modeled for rental fleets but has become very popular for families and recreational use, a paddleboard that the kids can throw about and you don’t have to worry so much about damage.

Many SUP brands market the idea of a paddleboard being super strong, but really you need to know what you are comparing when looking at the strength of each board. There are certainly weight and strength differences when comparing boards that are hand shaped as compared to molded SUP boards and the later is a more high quality option.
For now we want to really hammer home the real difference in this type of thermo composite construction and why it may be a good choice for you.

5 Reasons a Thermo Board is Good for Beginners

  • By replacing the epoxy resin with a thermoplastic resin the board offers the ultimate in impact resistance. So for a beginner paddler it takes the worry out of chips or dints.
  • This is a unique manufacturing process which offers a lightweight board which is only marginally heavier then a traditional epoxy board. The difference is the impact resistance and strength is un-matched in this Thermo Board. A win- win for beginners
  • The Thermal Composite Technology is where a traditional EPS Core is infused with a thermoplastic resin which offers the stiffness of the outer plastic. This is like a shell which is where you get the durability. This shell is super tough!
  • The Board offers the performance of an epoxy board with its strength and stiffness both important elements.
  • Added with loads of buoyancy due to the combination of its 4 ¾ thickness and 32 Inch Width. This means that a rider will sit higher in the water and this board will hold more weight than a traditional epoxy board of the same length.

We realise the importance of having a range of stand up paddle boards, and this model “The Hulk” is the one that you can hit a hammer against- TOUGH, RIGID. Yes these are highly durable, but without the sacrifice of weight and performance.

The Hulk from CMP Boards Australia sold here at Funky SUP’s is spot on the money for a combination of durability and performance at an unbeatable price here in Australia.

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