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Stand up Paddleboard Warranty

Funky SUP’s produce a high quality product and make every effort to maintain a market leading brand. We offer a 90 day warranty on our stand up paddleboards range.

All our boards have a quality check prior to shipping to ensure that our stringent quality standards are maintained for each and every board. Due to the nature of this sport and external elements, being surf conditions and alike, we can not offer any guarantees for damage or breakage for circumstances out of our control.

Funky SUP’s will provide a replacement or repair for a board defective whichever is appropriate as determined by Funky SUPS.

Stand up Paddle board Accessories and Surfboard Accessories

Funky SUP’s offers a full 12 month warranty on all SUP and Surf Accessories. These products include all Stand up Paddle board Storage, Trolleys, Softracks and alike. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects, materials and workmanship on each of these products.

Important Warranty details on all our products:

  • The warranty will be void if products are misused, modified or used in a manner not intended. This includes damage caused by misuse, impact, normal wear and tear, improper storage or handling.
  • A warranty will be void if a stand up paddleboard or softboard is left in direct sunlight or hot conditions or any other damage caused except for major defects in original materials or workmanship.
  • Warranty is void if any alteration, repair or modification is made to any part of any of our products.
  • Damage or breakage caused in surf conditions or otherwise including in waves or shore break will not be covered. Damage from impact is out of our control.
  • Any product used for commercial use, including hire, training school and the like.
  • A claim made by any person other than the original purchaser.
  • Cosmetic flaws that do not affect the performance or how the product functions will not be covered.
  • Warranty will not be covered if care conditions are not followed.

The warranty is effective from the date of purchase via our website or in our store. Your receipt can be used as proof of purchase if a warranty claim is required.

We’re here to help. If you have any problems at all just give us a call or email us at