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Welcome To Funky Sups

Looking for one-of-a-kind paddle boards? Look no further than Funky SUPs! Discover our amazing deals available today – whether you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, or in person at our Ulladulla or Brisbane locations. Experience the funkiest, most unique boards on the market with Funky SUPs.

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What We Love About Our Best-Selling Sups

There is something for everyone when it comes to stand-up paddleboard (SUP). The most critical aspect of sup is stability and getting a board that provides physical stability should be your top priority.

For you to get the best paddleboard, you need to determine your intended use, fitness level, skill level, and how you want to handle it in water. The storage space you have and how you intend to transport your board determines whether you’ll end up with solid or inflatable sup.

Regardless of your ambitions, having the right board is essential to your enjoyment. We have compiled the top and best-selling sups, to make your work easier when shopping for one.

Here are our best-selling boards

Best Selling Epoxy- The Cruiser

Most people find the cruiser board to be fun, easy, and versatile that everyone can paddle for lots of different reasons. This board is amazingly stable, and it offers a perfect platform to play, paddle, and cruise across the waves on. The outstanding balance of length and width for stability makes it a solid piece of sports equipment. It is the best performing in terms of performance and glides effortlessly through the water. This is the performance style board, that turns quickly on flat water and also on the waves. Manufactured in sizes from 10 Foot to 11 Foot 4 Inches this suits riders up to 120kg in weight.

Best Selling Soft Top- Family Friendly

The soft top sup is a favourite amongst beginners and families alike, thanks to its user-friendliness. This board is designed to provide excellent stability and comfort for a new rider looking for a durable hardboard. It offers a generous deck grip pad making it easy to accommodate riders of all ages, including kids, without worrying about sliding.

This board offers great versatility as it accommodates riders of all skill levels as it’s rigid and stable. You can use this board for various functions such as yoga, full-body exercise, and flatwater paddling. The fact that you can use the cruiser sup in any waters example, ocean, inlet, bay, lagoon, and lake, makes it a popular soft-top sup.

Best Selling Inflatable- The Explorer

The explorer inflatable is an all-around paddleboard, and it contains all necessary equipment and accessories at an affordable price. This board tracks well in the water and is excellent for flat waters and lakes. Its elegant design provides excellent stability and incredible maneuverability. It has an extended width which makes it very stable, thus supporting a long ride along and additional rider, dog, or child.

The inflatable board comes with a bag that eases packaging during transportation when travelling. This board is very compact when folded, and it’s relatively light, making it easy to carry to any destination. Ideal for those that are after a board to pack away when not in use, keeping in mind that performance is not what this board is designed for so if you are looking at doing more longer distance paddling or surfing the waves then there are better suited paddleboards.


Whatever the category of sup board, you now know your-to-go boards. Consider your skills level and your intended use to determine the type of board you want. Reach us today for amazing deals.


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